Welcome to today’s topic, we are going to talk about the importance of Headshots and how it affects your career.


Actors, Models, Singers, Designers… the list goes on for Headshots being taken in photography. It is a necessity in the creative world for all social media platforms. 


When you decide to approach agencies, this is the utmost importance to have. A head shot represents many things, it showcases what you have to offer and what work you want. To explain more in depth, most people will take you on in this industry if you suit their brand or represent what they are. Models and Actors are required to have specific shots taken for their portfolio and these headshots are the balance between being seen and being chosen by casting managers.

Shima in my series Floral Freedom, another example of being creative

Character is added to headshots shoots. In photography it becomes important to show off your assets in shooting.

The awesome Johnny O’Hara
One Nation Candidate for Hornsby – Emma Eros

No matter how many headshots you have had in your career, updating them helps casting agents understand your growing character.

Salvatore Coco ready for his close up.
Actor Salvatore Coco starred in Underbelly, Heartbreak High & numerous other films.
Actress Melissa Bonne & Actor Salvatore Coco

Creating that perfect portfolio for Sydney, Australia and Internationally. All it takes is the right shot and you are cast into your career.

Actress Melissa Bonne

We offer a 30min consult going through images and scenes that you love then from there we work out costs and determine time frames too.

Kat Hoyos

We have a range of help too, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and studio access. We photograph in Sydney, Melbourne and Internationally. It brings us joy being apart of your future.

Chat Chiing Team
Corporate Head Shots

Modelling can be a great variety exploring different headshots in different attire.

Benji being different characters

Headshots don’t have to be boring. It is completely up to your imagination.

Sammy Jo

Photography in a different fresh light or a studio feel can make the difference.


Don’t delay it any further, your head shot is an investment into your career. We will try our best to capture your essence in photos. Photography should also be fun. Investing in your career could never be more important.


From simplity to being extremely unique it all comes down to the job you want in your creative career in Sydney Australia and Internationally. Give us a call to book in a session (bookings are based on availability).