Floral + Fashion + Ambiance  = The Perfect Formula for creativity

Years of watching trees, viewing sunflower beds in Tuscany, colours of palettes my mind wanted to bring together something special.

I found that these things take time to form, even years in my case.

Playing with studio work is one of my favourite pass-times because you have the ability to control everything but at the same time you want to feel the freedom of the model, freedom of the flowers & freedom of the tones.

I initially met with Alvina from Fleurdom and discussed her passion. Floristry.

There is nothing easy about explaining your years of vision to someone else but it worked. It worked because we worked together. Examining each other’s minds when it came to the perfect set.

In 20 years I have had my hands full with different types of photography but just like an artist I needed more, more Freedom to create in my own time. Not only does this help create trends in the photographic fashion world but it also helps the photographer learn more about their ability.


Looking for a model was something I didn’t want to push, it came naturally because Shima was exactly what was required to pull off this creation. She ticked all the boxes and oh boy did she deliver. Her name had a meaning that is very important as she is “A Black Eyes Girl”. I felt like it was an editorial shoot the way she worked the camera. What I love about Shima is she takes care of her body, her mind and her skin. No photographer wants to deal with oily skin from eating poor food or dehydrated skin from not enough fluids in their day.


There are various photographers in the world that I follow and love to see their experiences in creating. Mario Testino is one of my favs. He captures so many moments and really delivers the presence of celebrities. That is a skill that is built in you. Vogue Editor has ever right to sit next to the Queen on a runway, she is a queen in her own right, running magazines is not easy but she does it and delivers every time. She has created her own world and everyone wants to be apart of it!

Being scared of heights was quite the lesson during the shoot, being on a ladder (I freak out every time but it pushes me to get over the fear), holding a massive camera and placing my model in thirds so I could get the perfect capture. We had some laughs and I think this is important in such a moment. Laughter creates the Freedom to be ones self.

There are a number of things that contributed to the looks released, we used flowers that had their own meaning. They are living things and deserve respect when being on show.




Flower Meanings:
– Roses (name of rose ‘Freedom’) – Luxurio. Red of Lovers. Colour of Fire, Love & Seduction.
– Lisianthus meaning something beautiful
– Phalaenopsis Orchids are exotic, graceful and have a luxury about them whilst meaning strength and virility, we used the colour purple to represent the 2018 Pantone colour Ultra Violet.
– Dahlias are known as life changing

We also used foliages:
– Leather fern
– Spinach gum


Details of the shoot

The fashion side was quite simple yet we wanted the flowers to have a shine. The beaded corset is vintage whilst we suited it with Zimmermann lace.

The bridal gown is from Kellyville Bridal & was romantic enough to soften the look whilst very very couture.

The black corset was from Honey birdette, was suited to that feeling of “Freedom”. A woman can wear what ever she likes and feel free to do so.

Make up was from Jenny Ymana, the only instructions I gave her was dewy, a wing, red lips and some gold on the eyes to set them off. She came to the party perfectly.

At the end of day we can create or we can copy. For me this is not an option. I look at concepts from the ground up, give myself enough time of inspiration from magazines & FTV.

Then I combine the thoughts and produce a lasting statement.

A statement of love, a testimony of originality and a feeling of Freedom that anything is possible with your imagination.

Love Team Citigraphica